Press Release – Nrcha Judges Seminar 2011

The Nrcha Judges Seminar, organized by the European Reined Cow Horse Association, was held last week end, 5th and 6th February 2011, at the beautiful meeting office of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Milano-Malpensa, located near the international airport. The seminar, held by the nice and clever Sandy Collier, was organized in one and a half day or course, and a final test, to get the nrcha judges card. The event turned out to be a great success, with lots of participants from all Europe, as there was also the possibility to attend the course as auditors, as an updating of the newest Nrcha rules, for those who compete in cow horse shows. This is why The Ercha President,  Markus Schopfer, the Vice-president Francesca Baron, and the councillors  Otto De Fazio, Max Ruggeri and Stefano Chiari warmly invited all competitors to take part to the seminar as auditors. A warm and sunny weather completed the perfect scenario of the week-end. There were 22 partecipant to the course: FRANCESCA BARON, MAIK BARTMANN, RICKY BORDIGNON, TONY CANCELLIERI, MAX CANU, MARCO CESTARO, STEFANO CHIARI, OTTO DE FAZIO, PHILIP MARTIN HAUG, SUSANNE HAUG, EUGENIO LATORRE, FILIPPO MASI, SONIA MERKLE, SAMUELE POLI, SIMONE REISS, ENRICO RIGHETTI, ALESSANDRO ROASIO, THOMAS SANTINI, MARKUS SCHOPFER, MAURO TACCIA, CAROL TELFORD e CARLO VOLPI; moreover, there were also 7 auditors, as follows: SERENA BAGNARA, CAROLINE BAUDINGER, ELISA FERRARI, MIMMO GALIMI, ANNIBALE ROMA, CLAUDIO SALVIA e SIMONA SPRONELLI.

The next  dates with the European Reined Cow Horse Association will be the Special Event of the ERCHA Spring Stakes, scheduled from the  7th to the 10th  april 2011, in Verolanuova – Brescia (Italy), and the Clinic with the American trainer Todd Bergen, that will be held from the 28th  april to the  1st may 2011.