Crowne Plaza Malpensa, Milan

The Ercha President Markus Shopfer opened the meeing, explaining that the aim of this event is to explain what the Association did in the year 2018, and plan what Ercha is going to do for the next show season 2019.

  • In the past 2018, the overall balance was positive, and also each single show had a positive balance: the income exceeded the costs in every single show, for a total positive balance and income of over 33.000 euro. The balance have been read to all partecipants, and the results and the balance are available for all members to be checked. No questions about this point
  • there has been a change in trophies, buckles, and the providers of them: Ercha changed the provider of the buckles to GIST, an american producer, and there is a new trophy ERCHA board of directors are very proud of, which shows more of the sport of cow horse. It is a mix about the cow horse and cutting trophies. This trophy will be available for all the major events, just made for the ERCHA. Also the regional shows could order it.

Moreover, there will be new jackets available as merchandising, to celebrate the 20 years of Ercha anniverary, in 2019. They will be limited edition, produced and made in Italy. We found a leather company who produces this kind of nice jackets. All sizes could be available and ordered, eventually.

Another very Important project is to put more money in the Limited Open and Intermediate Non Pro classes, of the main Aged Events, Derby and Futurity. We have been thinking to take a little bit off the Open and add something to the Limited Open, and the same for the Non Pro.

There will be a new addition to the Spring Stakes show: in the Novice Amateur class, riders could show also 6 year old horses. So there is one year more to show a horse in this class. This is aimed to make the sport more long lasting, and give the possibility to join the show to more riders, with their older horses.

Further on, Schopfer on behalf of Ercha introduced the new Main Sponsor of the European Reinined Cow Horse Association: austrian rider, and Wagyu breeder Peter Trixner and his Okami Ranch. Ercha is really honoured to have him in, as sponsors represent a real big help to the development of this sport.

There is a Question from Sweden member, asking if possibile to have smaller trophies and merchandising for the Regional shows in Sweden. Markus Schopfer replies that of course this is possible, in order to promote the development of the sport in the regional associations affiliated to Ercha

The next step was the presentation of the show schedule for the year 2019

  • First could be the Winter Classic, in Rome, 15th to 17th february, in the fair of ROMA CAVALLI. Special thanks to Andrea Santini for helping on the organisation and sponsorship of that show
  • Mid march we’ll have the Spring Stakes. In order not to be too close to other reining major show, the date is 15/16th march in Travagliato.
  • The Derby will be in Cremona, with Salone del Cavallo americano. The arena will be different, it will be a smaller arena, which is actually better than the big one for the cow horse, and the ground safer. The organisation is still working on that. The big arena of the reining turned out to be really splippery. And also on the side of the spectators, i twill be free and people will be more likely to come and see it for free. The ground will be a little bit deeper, and therefore better for the cow horse show. Maik suggested to advertise when there is something in the cutting and cow horse pen, so we could be sure people can come and watch the cow horse show. This new location will release the stress. It is possible to split out the championship shows, and therefore on Sunday i twill be finished. It will be possible to show in normal hours, i twill be also better for horses.
  • The Hackamore classic will be again in Karpacz, 15/16th june, in Poland. Same facility as the last edition.
  • The prefuturity will be in travagliato by end july (27th/28th)
  • The major show will be in Americana in september, at the very beginning
  • The last show, the autumn show, is still to be decided: either Verona, like Fieracavalli, if possible and available, otherwise we could go to Travagliato

There will be again the Nations Cup in Americana. It is getting more and more important to have riders on all team. The Nations will have to prepare for the show, and prepare a team, to have it ready for the show.

Eugenio asks if there is a sort of qualification procedure for the show. Schopfer says that every country should decide according to their needs and possibilities, according to the Bridle Classes, the horses and riders available. EVERY COUNTRY SHOULD organize the qualification system on their own.

Philip Haug asked if possible to change the Final system, for the Derby horses. And go back to the old system to have a final for all the three events of the cow horse. the proposal is nice, and i twill be considered and talk about with the Derby Show Manager in Cremona, to see if possible.